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Reviews from happy couples and their guests

Below are some of the reviews I have received throughout my career as an officiant. It means a lot to me that I can make these monumental days memorable and special, and I hope that I can do the same for you! 

"Outstanding officiant, both kind, courteous, and invested in creating a personal experience. Mr. Septrick took time to ask about the small things that made my wife and I's relationship special and ultimately incorporated that into the ceremony. Mr. Septrick has a knack for both heartfelt and humorous delivery. I highly recommend Mr. Septrick if you are looking for a genuine person to officiate your special day."

- Alex and Garett 

"Gage and I worked together to provide outstanding service to an eloping couple. He was very kind, helpful and patient. He helped me and my assistant haul a wedding arch all the way up the hill to the ceremony location. From a photographer's perspective, it was very thoughtful of him to quickly relocate for "the kiss" shot. I would recommend Gage to Officiate your Wedding!"

- Tilted Frame Photography & Design, LLC 

"Gage did a fantastic job officiating our wedding. He prepared a very meaningful wedding speech. We were both pleasantly surprised about his attention to detail. In a conversation before the wedding, we mentioned a song that was sentimental for us because it's the song that I used when I proposed. Gage had the song prepared on a wireless speaker and played the song at the perfect moment. He really helped create a special moment for us on our wedding day and we'll always be grateful for that. We would highly recommend him!!!"

- Lucas and Fernanda

"Gage was an excellent officiant! He made our day so special and incorporated aspects specific to each of us in the ceremony. It was a fabulous mix of heartfelt moments and laughs as well. He also allowed us to read through the entire ceremony before hand and asked if there were any changes we wanted to make. He truly made the day so special and we are forever thankful for him!"

- Jessica and Alex

"Gage, What can I say he is truly an amazing person and officiant. He took the time to get to know both me and my wife on a personal level. Hes a great officiant and above all else and amazing person . He impressed everyone at the wedding and I was so happy we had him to be our officiant . We will forever remember what he did for us."

- Dimitris and Simone

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